Climatable is a Montreal-Based Non-Profit Focused on Involving Canadians in Climate Action

Climatable est un organisme montréalais sans but lucratif dont l’objectif est de faire participer les Canadiens à la lutte contre la crise climatique


Our Story

Climatable was created by a group of Montrealers who saw local communities as essential for meeting the ‘well below 2 degrees’ Paris Agreement target. We have decided to focus on nurturing a network of individuals and communities that have the desire to tackle climate change in their personal and professional lives, but do not have the resources to do so by themselves. Our workshops, events, and programs are ultimately designed to help individuals and communities develop knowledge and solutions surrounding climate change.


Our Focus


Climate Policy


Climate Enterpreneurship


Our Approach

Climatable trains Canadian residents to become active participants in solving the climate crisis through workshops, forums, and conferences.

  • We engage the public on climate change through workshops and through role-playing exercise, presentations, media, futures thinking, and grassroots advocacy - to help people make informed choices about public policy matters related to climate change.

  • We promote individual, community, national, and international initiatives to solve the climate crisis.

  • We train Canadian residents from diverse geographic regions and walks of life to to understand climate policy and become proactive in initiating and supporting positive change.