Creative Earth is a program designed with the mission to support environmental sustainability and climate action in artistic practice.

With Creative Earth, we aim to create conditions under which artists and art-producing organizations can find accessible methods of reducing their environmental footprints while continuing to produce impactful art. We offer artists and organizations advisory and logistical support, educational tools and facilitation of climate change action planning.

Currently we are carrying out a pilot project of the Creative Earth program, in which most of the focus will be on the theatre sector, with a long-term vision of supporting creators across all artistic disciplines.


Program Activities


Climate Action for Creative Communities (CACC) Workshop Series

CACC workshops are a series of scenario planning workshops and panel discussions in artistic communities across Canada. We bring together leaders and stakeholders in these communities to devise creative and inclusive ways in which they can both mitigate and adapt to climate change, all while continuing to thrive artistically.

This program activity includes the FRINGE 2030 scenario planning workshop series, scheduled for launch at numerous Fringe theatre festivals across Canada in Summer 2019. FRINGE 2030 uses the inherent resourcefulness, creativity and community spirit of Fringe festivals to explore possible future scenarios we may be faced with, and devise ways of meeting those challenges head-on while continuing to help independent artists thrive.


Support for Artists and Organizations

Creative Earth offers support to artists and organizations looking to reduce their environmental impact. We may advise on how to create less waste, reduce your carbon footprint, make environmentally and socially responsible choices throughout the creative process or communicate your environmental actions to patrons without green-washing.

We also aim to create a thriving network of creative reuse, and are active in the coordination of reclaimed materials between individuals and communities.


Environmental Education for the Arts Sector

Creative Earth promotes knowledge transfer, education and environmental awareness within the arts sector. We do this through the creation of educational resources and guides that organizations and individual artists can use as tools to reduce their environmental impact, as well as through hands-on workshops on different aspects of environmental sustainability in artistic practice.