Climatable was born of the Paris conference and hopes to continue its story as the Paris Accord accomplishes its important work. Prior to COP 21in Paris, a group of McGill students decided they needed to better understand the negotiation process and share that learning with as many people as possible. They launched the model of COP 21. It was an exciting simulation in light of the highly anticipated negotiations. The simulation used excerpts of the Negotiating Tool that was the foundation of the final Paris Agreement (December 2015).

Participants represented their countries’ position during the negotiation of the text, while navigating their countries’ unique circumstances and objectives. Despite the differences among parties represented, participants demonstrated a shared desire to push existing policies towards more ecological, economically sustainable, and socially just development.

Since this first simulation Climatable has run follow up events for COP 22 and 23 all while developing a larger selection of programs and projects to address climate change at the community level. Climatable helps community groups, businesses and municipalities to achieve their climate change goals.