Meet Our Team

At Climatable, we pride ourselves on the diversity of professional and cultural backgrounds of our team. Collectively, we speak nine languages and represent six countries across three continents. With academic and practical expertise in mechanical engineering, biochemistry, public health, energy management, sustainable development, environmental and political science, politics and governing, arts management, social communication, and media production, we understand the climate crisis issues from the multitude of our perspectives and we strive to develop the most innovative and inclusive approaches to tackle it.


Amir Nosrat


Sara Ferwati


Frederic Clerc

Jayden Rae


Justine McIntyre

Max Eichelbaum


Erica Coulombe


Greg Lynch


The founding directors of Climatable:

Amir Nosrat, Sara Ferwati, Frederic Clerc, Jayden Rae, Greg Lynch, Nathalie Richards.